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There’s lots to figure out as you start off your life together: Finances, intimacy, family dynamics, resolving differences, aligning expectations, and all the other skills you need for a long, enduring, and exhilarating marriage.

The key to successfully navigating through rough spots? Effective, open communication. 


In this series, the couple will learn proven, effective communication skills and strategies to help them navigate the inevitable issues that come up in a marriage, like the ones below:

Resolving Conflict

  • How do I tell my spouse that they are not doing their share around the house?

  • How can I share my disappointment that my spouse always runs late when we have to be somewhere?

  • What happens when I don’t approve of my spouse’s friends?


Family of Origin

  • What should we do when both sets of in-laws want to have us at the same time?

  • How can I handle arguments with my in-laws?

  • What should I do when my spouse just doesn’t see how dysfunctional their family is?



  • My spouse spends too much on coffee/clothing/food.

  • How should we handle our different expectations around spending vs. saving?

  • How can we resolve disagreements over asking in-laws for financial help.


Sex and Intimacy

  • I’m not in the mood for sex and my spouse is.

  • I want to try something and/or I am not comfortable with something we are doing, but am embarrassed to say anything.

  • How do we find alternatives to physical intimacy that will make us feel close and loved?

The series concludes with a tailored guide for ongoing reference, summarizing the specific strategies and skills discussed in the sessions.

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